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Week 3, Days 1&2

Posted on July 8, 2017 at 1:10 PM


Welcome back to our study of Week 3, Days 1&2 and Lysa's video session 3.


Here is the link to this week's video. Please pardon our many technical difficulties this week. I used a new camera and sound set up and had to actually re-record several times. Then we had great difficulty in sending the video to my editor. Let's just say that coupled with the technical issues I had last week trying to record at the lake and then all the problems I had this week...I am quite weary of technology! This week almost didn't happen! I'll keep learning and trying to make it better with this new camera! The content is still quite good though. It must be, or the enemy wouldn't be so darn persistant in frustrating me!


I have also created a Secret Group on FaceBook for us. You have to be invited and most of you have been. There are several that maybe are not on FB or I am not personally friends with. So, if you are on FB and didn't get an invite to the Secret Group, please FRIEND ME! Dana Bridges Stout, so I can send you an invite. Hopefully you will feel more secure and free to comment on this secret group than here on the blog. No one can see the secret group except those taking the study. I will post the same questions here on the blog and on the FB secret group page.


Here's the link for this week!


https://youtu.be/_9AYeakrTj4" target="_blank">http://https://youtu.be/_9AYeakrTj4


Discussion questions:


1. From Day 1, I suggested taking the characteristics of sheep and turning them into a humble prayer. Did anyone do this and what was your experience?


2. From Day 2, we studied both keys and barriers to hearing God's voice. What did you think of the list? Are there any others you might add to the keys list? What about the barriers? (p 79-80)


3. What do you think it means for us to "come in and go out, and find pasture"? (p 84)


4. How do you discern or hear the voice of God? What has been your experience?


5. Is there any other question you would like to pose to the group? Fire away!




See you all next week! Please pray for me and the technology stuff!!!







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